Suggested Dataset: Number and percentage of firearms used in commission of crimes by legal status and firearm type

Statistics Canada
This dataset would contain data collected from 1970 to present, pertaining to the legal status of firearms used in the commission of crimes in Canada. i.e. whether the firearm in possession was legal or illegally owned, and what type of firearm was it? The legal status should also include whether the firearm was domestic/imported, owned/stolen, legally purchased/smuggled. EG: Shotgun-Domestic-legally purchased- stolen - illegal possession.
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Feb 23, 2023
Status Updates
Status Updates
Jul 7, 2023 Dataset not held

There are some datasets available on that cover these topics. The data is not always combined in the detail and breakdown you may have requested. You can contact Statistics Canada through their website as linked below for more information.

Published datasets are found here:

More information on the topic may be found on Statistics Canada's website:

Thank you.