Suggested Dataset: Customer Address Code (CAC)

Public Services and Procurement Canada
A comprehensive set of procurement consignee codes (5 characters), including associated department name, branch, sector, directorate and mailing adresse. Addresses should be broken down into street address, building name (if applicable), floor(if applicable), city, province, country, postal code.
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Feb 19, 2022
Status Updates
Status Updates
Feb 22, 2022 Data owner unable to publish dataset

The Customer Address Codes (CAC) are a set of procurement-specific codes that identify Government of Canada organisations that procure goods and/or services as well as the address of the buildings that these organisations occupy. This information is maintained using free-form data entry, which has lead to inconsistency in some of the data over time. The legacy system that stores this data is being replaced by the new E-Procurement System (EPS) and improving the administration and quality of our procurement-related data is a key goal of this replacement project. Efforts to clean up the old CAC data in situ, within the legacy procurement system, would not be advisable. Instead the focus will remain on restructuring and cleaning the data to prepare it for migration into the new EPS system, with focus on aligning to the Open Contracting data standards wherever possible. The goal will be to publish any related datasets, from the EPS system, once the migration/implementation efforts have been completed.