Suggested Dataset: Canada Gazette

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
The Canada Gazette is searchable through an on-line form, but the search is limited. I would like to see an API developed for the Canada Gazette, to perform automated searches, and to retrieve the search results automatically as well.
Suggestion sent to organization:
Jun 12, 2015
Status Updates
Status Updates
Dec 11, 2020 Data owner unable to publish dataset

The Canada Gazette is currently undergoing an important modernization initiative, which will include the replacement of its production and editing tools, as well as significant work on its website. One of the expected outcomes of this modernization is a new search engine and the improvement of content metadata for better search results. (Comment provided by Alexandra LaGroix, Acting Director, Canada Gazette Directorate).

Please note that PSPC was not advised of this request in 2015 as it was attributed to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat on the Open Government Portal. PSPC provided an immediate response upon being contacted to this effect in 2020.