Suggested Dataset: Prison inmates costs for Canadians

Correctional Service of Canada
The cost, to taxpayers, to house an inmate in Canadian prisons.
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Jul 22, 2013
Status Updates
Status Updates
Jul 13, 2023 Data owner unable to publish dataset

Since CSC has never received any clarification regarding this dataset’s request male or female offender, specialized institutions, which location?, etc.), the dataset cannot be published. However, we have found a document published by The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) ( Update on Costs of Incarceration › files › Reports › U...). This document is published annually and includes statistics from CSC, Parole Board, Canadian Center for Justice Statistics, and the Office of the Correctional Investigator. It can be found on the Public Safety website. In that document there is a page that illustrates CSC's budget. There is a separate page that illustrates CSC's cost of maintaining offenders. This breaks down the annual cost per offender for minimum, medium, maximum and women's institutions.