Suggested Dataset: Utility rates

Statistics Canada
An overview of historical and present-day utility rates offered by utilities companies (or mandated by utilities commissions) throughout the country, including but not limited to regions serviced and a breakdown of rates (e.g., fixed per-day costs, cost of energy, transmission and delivery costs, provincial taxes, carbon taxes/levies, etc.). This could include electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, and others. This would help the greentech industry in projecting future costs and thus help to improve the economics their products and services. Consequently, companies and individuals within this industry could further their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and rehabilitate the environment. In addition, it could help consumers to find the most economical utility rates within their service area. 
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Jun 20, 2019
Status Updates
Status Updates
Sep 10, 2020 Dataset not held

Dataset not held. Statistics Canada may not have this specific dataset. The closest dataset we could find from Statistics Canada: